Unionicola – male – Indentification possible ?

fig 10 unionicola general

Here is a new unionicola . The pictures are rather good but I havent reach the identification to specie.

Some observations

  • Length of the body 0.9mm.
  • End of the legs blueish
  • Proximal part of the legs pink pearl.
  • Malpigian vessel orange.
  • First 2 pairs of legs with strong setae.
  • Legs III and IV with small setae.
  • Coxae plates covering more than 4/5 of the ventral area.
  • Genital plates sickle shape.
  • Genital area at the very rear of the body.
  • A lot of acetabulae on the genital plates.
  • 2 dark sclerites on each side of the genital area
  • Genital plates blueish.
  • Strange pattern for the dark part of the body (midgut lobes) with dark spot in a kind of greenish jelly.

The possibility of Unionicola ypsilophora.

I’ve spend some hours thinking it was an Unionicola ypsilophora and I’m rather concinced now that is is not. I’ve keep a track of this identification in a separate blog entry on « why this is not an Unionicola ypsilophora »


More pictures.

fig 20 unionicola ventral

fig 25 unionicola first pair of coxae plates

fig 30 unionicola lateral

fig 40 genital area

fig 50 genital plates and acetabulae

fig 60 strange view with the 2 protubernces on the posterior

fig 70 stange patch between the eyes

fig 80 unionicola general and fourth leg

fig 90 unionicola second pair of coxae plates

fig 100 unionicola size of the legs


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