Trip in USA – August 2012

I ‘am in the states while writing this blog entry. I came in with 8 small vial full of Koenike’s fluid, a small net and some white plates (taken in the plane). I haven’t taken any macro camera or microscope but I have my celle phone.

My idea is not to waste my hollidays by trying to take bad pictures of water mites but to collect some of them in every state we stay.

On each place my idea is to take a picture with my cell phone and a small video of the environment.

I will add here all the places where I will have found at least one water mite.

  • Delaware Water Gap in Pennsylvania. Vial #U1. 7 August
  • Merli Sanorski Park in Pennsylvania. Vial #U2.
  • Erie Lake, Ontario in Canada. Vial #U3
  • Letcheworth. Vial #U4.
  • Camping KOA in Watkins Glen. New York. Vial #U5.
  • Small creek in Watkins Glen. New York. Vial #U6.
  • The Delaware River in New Jersey. Vial #U7.
  • Creek in New Jersey. Vial #U8.



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