The river Kelani at Kitulgala

Kitulgala, one of the wettest place in Sri Lanka (from the Wikipedia). This river is well known for the scene creation of the movie The bridge on the river Kwai and for the white water rafting one can do there.

My collected point was under the Myora hotel and I’ve spent many hours with my small net to collect, at the end, only one water mite. It may be due to a bad collecting technique (I put my net in the water and moved the stones and sand just upstream).

The level of the water was always moving for maybe 50 cm up and down each hour. The water was rather clear and the bottom of the river is composed of sand and stones.

I’ seen some kind of Libellulae ont he border of the river (Caleopterix, I think).

Side note : it was also my first meeting with leeches, and what a meeting, with maybe a dozen of them all around my feet after a short walk in sandal in the tropical rainforest.
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