The mouth of the stream of Kerescars in Brittany

Stream of Kerescars

This small stream, a tributary to the river Penzé is situated on the land of the municipality of Saint-Thegonnec in the departement of Finistère in Brittany. The name « ruisseau de Kerescars » is the name given by my father,  as this stream is not named on IGN maps, I will retain this name.

Some observations.

  • Water very clear.
  • Gravel and small stones in the river bed.
  • Less than 2 meter of width.
  • A lot of diversity in the invertebrae fauna.
  • The fishermen of the area take care of this stream because it’s used for the reproducion of fish (carp…).
  • Callitriche and moss in the area prospected.



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Pollution of the water in Brittany.

The water of Brittany are knewn to be very polluted and especially by the nitrates.

I’ve no information on the nitrates and other pollution of this specific tributary of the river Penzé but the pollution in the Penzé is rather well monitored :

On a newletter received by my parents I’ve read that the level of Nitrates in the Penzé river is around 40mg/l.

In this river the AMPA (residu of glyphosate) are often higher than normal.

Here is a synthese on the level of nitrates in the river Penzé in 2008/2009 : Penze-29.pdf (from the website Observatoire Eau de Bretagne).

Other pictures of the stream of Kerescars.

Callitriche in the stream of Kerescars


Aquatic moss in the stream of Kerescars

Calopterix larva (??) from the stream of Kerescars

Video of the stream of Kerescars.




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