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I’m a French guy who discovered the world of water mites in 2010.

It was near Saint Omer in the northern France and I was very attracted by some small red animals swimming among the aquatic plants. I catch some of them with a simple spoon and try to identify them once at home.

I discovered that it’s rather easy to identify theses small animals as water mites but that it was very hard to determine the specie and that the resources on the internet where very scarce on this matter.

So, to go deeper in a specie determination process, I bought a lot of books on the hydracarina. To name a few : Acari I & II by Gerecke, Water mite genera and subgenera by Cook (1974), British Hydracarina by Soar & Williamson (1925), A review of the genera of the water-mites by Wolcott (1905), Catalogue des Hydrachnides recueillies dans le nord de la France avec des notes critiques et la description d’espèces nouvelles by Barrois et Moniez (1887)…

One year after, as my collection of pictures of hydracarina begin to be interesting and my knowledge to improve, I’ve decided to share my identifications to help other to identify their water mites and to discuss with specialist my identification work. I choose the English because I want to share my informations with a larger audience. As English is not my native speaking language, I count on your help to improve on this matter.


As there is an enormous number of species of hydracarina, I hope I will pursue this hobby for at least 10 years. An other motivation for me is as Hydracarina are found almost on the whole earth, their identification is a hobby than can be done in parts of the world very remote such as Sri Lanka or Surinam.


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