Sperchon setiger (Thor) – collection of information

While I wonder if this water mite, could be a Sperchon setiger, here are some informations and illustrations collected on internet and in my books.

Sig Thor.

See the plates below.

Soar & Williamson 1925

Female body of Sperchon setiger.

  • Length about 1.2mm
  • Breadth about 0.92mm
  • Colour straw-yellow to reddish-yellow.
  • Legs and epimera sometimes of a greyish-green tint.
  • XXX … (to continue – work in progress)

Smit & Gerecke 2010 – presence in France.

Sperchon setiger has been reported from the french departement of Corsica, Isère, Pas-de-Calais, Savoie, Tarn.

The synonymous indicated is Sperchon meridianus.

Piersig 1901. Description in German.

Page 161.

German text.

Female : Rumpf eiförmig, ohne Abstumpfung und Vorderrande. Integument netzartig gefeldert…

Attempt to translate into English.


Sperchon :

  • Setiger : a latin name which mean « which bear bristles ».


  • Sig Thor (1899). Norges Hydrachnider III. Archiv for Mathematik og Naturvidenskab XXI. Planche VIII. Downloadable with Biodiversity Heritage Library.
  • Piersig, R. (1901). Hydrachnidae und Halacaridae. Das Tierreich. P161.
  • Smit, H. & Gerecke, R. (2010): A cheklist of the water mites of France (acari: hydrachnidia). Acarologia 50(1): 21-91.
  • Soar, C. & Williamson, W.  (1925): The British hydracarina. Ray Society. Volume I. Pages 120-122. Plate XII.

Plates VIII in Sig Thor.

Fig 82 &84 Sperchon setiger dorsal and ventral female

Fig 85: Sperchon setiger epimera male

Fig 83: Sperchon setiger palp and rostrum female



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