Second trip to Sri Lanka

I’m in Sri Lanka for a 6 weeks trip, mainly in up country. As I won’t have a good internet connectivity, it may take some time before your comments appear on this blog and I won’t be able to reply to your email (you can nevertheless use my contact form).

I went in Sri Lanka with my small net, some vial full of Koenike’s fluid, but without my boots as the last time I Went in Sri Lanka. I hope this boots won’t miss me too much.

The last time I wen’t I missed all my pictures of living water mites because I shoot wide open with my macro lens and also because I had a wrong setting for the dioptric correction on my Panasonic GH1. As it takes a lot of times to take this pictures I hope  my family will allow me some free hours for that.

I will be back in France at the beginning of October.


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