Pionopsis Lutescens (Herman, 1804) – female – almost certain

Pionopsis Lutescens

Pionopsis Lutescens


Description and identification of a Pionopsis Lutescens female found the 24 April 2011 in Saint Martin Au Laërt

Key utilised : Flatford Hopkins P58 + fig 49-51-57

Size : between 1.5mm and 2mm.

Interesting element used for the identification.

  • Anchoral process of the capitulum very specific.
  • Anchoral process of the first coxa.
  • Shape of the 3rd and 4th coxae plates.
  • Global color scheme. The red color of the back spot is due to a bad white balance setting on my camera.
  • The shape of the 3 acetabula.


In « British Hydracarina », Soar and Williamson didn’t mentionned the 2 sclerites visible on the back,  in front of the anterior strip.


More pictures.

Pionopsis Lutescens female ventral view



Pionopsis Lutescens female lateral view & palp

Pionopsis Lutescens female genital area


The 2 sclerites and the spot of the back

The 2 sclerites and the spot of the back


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