Piona Conglobata ? (Koch 1836) – female – indentification uncertain

Piona conglobata ? General view

Here are some pictures inviting to identify this hydracarina as Piona Conglobata but I can’t swear that it’s correct.


  • Coxae 3 and 4 not jointed.
  • Straight and parallel line between the inner border of coxae 3 and 4.
  • Spine under the segment 3 of the palpi.
  • Size about 1.mm length.
  • Eyes black.
  • First segment of the palpi about one and a half as the proximal segment of the first pair of leg. (It lokks like this description from S&W).
  • A lot of bristles and swimming hair on the legs.
  • Genital sclerite visible almost between the margin of the fourth epimera.

Elements of Soar & Williamson problematic or unchecked.

  • Colour yellowish, brownish or bluish-green.
  • Palpi, epimera and legs usually bluish, the terminal segment of the legs frequently of a brownish tint. Mine is neither blueish neither with the end of legs brownish.
  • The genital area described by Soar and Williamson are very difficult to check on my pictures.

Tracks followed for the identification.

  • Piona conglobata. Key Hopkins for the Flatword Area – Fig 72. But size 0.6mm. General shape of coxae plates III and IV rather matching my pictures.
  • Piona Conglobata. Soar & Williamson page 182. Size up to 1.1mm : OK (female 1.1 – male 0.6).

Some more pictures.

Piona Conglobata ? Palpi

Piona Conglobata ? Ventral view

Piona Conglobata ? Genital area



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