Water mites colleagues

  • : In Dutch. The page « Soorten » can greatly help to identify common water mites.
  • : In Russian. Some interesting pages on water mites found in Russia. Unfortunately it’s almost impossible to browse the site. Google can help to reach specific pages.
  • Mikrofotos von Wassermilben : In German by Holger Müller, very nice an clear pictures.
  • Wim van Egmond : very collection of water mites taken with a microscope.

Great resources for identification of water mites.

  • Biodiversity Heritage Library : a huge quantity of publications generally older than 100 years. Very good scan and it’s possible to download either a whole book or some pages. The Piersig books are in this library.
  • BOLD Systems : The Barcode of Life Data System a project from the Biodiversity Institute of Ontario. Browser through a lot of images of different species of Hydracarina. Mainly north Americans species. The pictures are generally of dead specimen.
  • NCBI : a reference for taxonomy. The database is not complete for the water mites.
  • European Water Mites Research : Huge bibliography with thousand of publication on water mites listed.

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