Imaging process – Avril 2012

I think I have improved my photographic skill this month. There is always a long way to go to reach Charles Krebbs but I’ve nevertheless taken my best pictures up to now the last week end.

Here is my best picture of one of the Mideopsis caught in Sarthe.  Speed 1/15 s @400ISO – 22 pictures processed in Zerene Stacker with Pmax

Mideopsis - Leica 20x

 Why I’m not happy with this picture

  • No feeling of an astonishing picture
  • Too soft
  • Maybe not the right colour.
  • Hairs on the back of this Mideopsis aren’t visible
  • Antenniform bristles are not visible

What please me

  • Good enough for the identification of the critter.
  • The capsule around the eyes are well visible.
  • Not a lot of reflection on the body.
  • Zerene Stacker is very easy to use and run very well on my computer (running Linux Mint – a flavour of Ubuntu)
  • I managed to use my 20x objective

Thought about thing which may improve

  • Reflections in the bellow ?
  • Maybe considering a buying better objective (Mitutoyo)
  • Double check the white balance.
  • Trying to use a black background (to get the feeling of darkfield illumination). But I don’t know how to see the critter and how to get it in front of the lens.
  • Reducing the volume of liquid in which the water mite is disposed (to reduce reflections)
  • Reducing the vibration on my rig.
  • Lowering the amount of light to get less reflection from the inside of the water mite.
  • try different setting of ISO to determine whether it’s better in this case to shoot @100ISO or at @400ISO
  • Trying to improve the picture with thing like sharpen filters…
  • Using more option with Zerene Stacker (Pmax, Dmap…)

My setup

  • Stand of an old Mathys enlarger (made in France)
  • A set of clamps (Mainly Manfrotto)
  • A micrometer stage (OptoSigma)
  • Camera : Panasonic GH1
  • A very old Ihagee Bellow
  • A 172mm tube lens from SurplusShed.
  • Leica infinity objective C Plan L 20x/0.30 (L stand for Long working distance)
  • 2 Jansjö Ikea led lamp with ping-pong ball as diffuser.
  • Focus stacking software : Zerene Stacker (method Pmax).

    My microphotography rig


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