Huge progress in photomicrography

With the help of a lot of guys on the photomacrography forum, I was able to improve a lot my pictures tonight.

Here is my last Mideopsis orbicularis :

Mideopsis orbicularis

Leica C Plan 10x/0.22 – 22 pictures – @100ISO – exposition 3 seconds – 22 pictures – Zerene Stacker Pmax.

The thing I have improved since my last attemps.

  • My tube lens was not set on the infinite. I removed the microscope objective and focussed to the infinite. I had to move a few the Ihagee Macro Bellow to get a clear picture of a tree in my garden.
  • I have set the camera on 100ISO in order to increase the exposure time.
  • I have drive away the led lamp to get less light on the water mite.
  • I have used a dark background to get better picture
  • I have moved my rig in order to get less vibrations while shooting.
  • I shoot with no one in the neighbourhood also to decrease the vibrations coming from the floor.

Still to improve :

  • Using a centred metering because the dark background give an overexposed subject.
  • Reduce the step between 2 stacks

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