How did I discovered my first water mite

My first water mite

After having built a natural swimming pool in my garden (you can see it on Piscine naturelle, in french) I began an inventory of all the animals and plants living in my pond.

At this time (june 2010) I went in Saint marin au Laërt for a week end with some good friends. I wasn’t prepared to see my first water mite and I discovered them, completely by chance, while looking into the clear water of the Marais Audomarois.

As I already owned some general books on freeshwater invertebrae, I recognized a water mite at the first glance and I was able to count the 8 legs on the first one I have captured with a simple spoon.

It was the first time I encountered such an animal and I was fascinated by the vitality and the colours of my specimen. I took some pictures with my macro lens.

Once back home I began to Google to identify this water mite and I was astonished not to be able to identify it rapidly due to the large number of different water mites and to the few websites showing pictures of water mites.

It may be at this moment, in front of the difficulty to identify my first water mite, that my interest really began. One month later I was back in the Marais Audomarois to a new treasure hunt.

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