First search for water mites in Brittany

My parents are living in Finistère, a french departement of Brittany and I have planned to go to see them next week. It will be my first travel in Brittany with my new obsession with water mites in mind and I will bring my small net to try to catch water mites in the river Penzé just near their home.

The water of Brittany are full of nitrates due to intensive pig farming (and my cousins are not the lesser contribuor to this environmental degradation) and it may have reduced the biodiversity in standing and running water but I’m sure I will find water mites, at least in the mountains of the center of Britanny, less exposed to this pollution.

I’ve checked in the « checklist of the water mite of France » (Smit & Gerecke – 2010) and I found that there is no water mite reported from the Britanny (Finistère, Côte d’Armor, Morbihan). I enjoy to be able to write « New record for the Finistère » in some new articles I will write in the next month.

Unfortunately, I will only stay few days in Britanny and I won’t have a lot of free time to search for these water mites but the good news it that I will be able to pursue my inventory in the future.

Aniway, I’m very excited, at 4 days of this trip…


  • Smit & Gerecke – 2010 – A CHECKLIST OF THE WATER MITES OF FRANCE (ACARI: HYDRACHNIDIA) – Acarologia 50(1): 21–91.

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