Deutonymph of Forelia mutata ?

Fig 10 - Deutonymph of Forelia mutata ? - lateral

Caught in Roëzé the 7th of April 2012. Length 638µm width 565µm.

Why Deutonymph of Forelia Mutata.

  • Was caught the same day and in the same place as a Forelia mutata female.
  • Almost the same shape in lateral view.
  • A lot of similarities in the eyes.
  • Swimming hairs on the distal end of fifth segment of legs.
  • Almost the same glandularia.

Main differences between this water mite and Forelia mutata

  • 22% smaller (638µm instead of 815µm)
  • Colour almost uniform yellowish.
  • Global shape more roundish with no emarginate portion between the eyes.
  • No genital opening.
  • Genital plates more visible.


I’ve found no reference of the description of either the male or the deutonymph of Forelia mutata. I can’t even be sure that the Forelia can be found in the Deutonymphal form.


More pictures of this water mite.

Fig 20 - Deutonymph of Forelia mutata - ventral

Fig 30 - Deutonymph of Forelia mutata - lateral


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