Del-Tron 101-x – Linear precision stage with vernier micrometer

Del-tron 101 linear stage

Del-tron 101 linear stage


I’ve bought this item in order to be able to move my camera, bellow, tube lens, and microscope objective,  with precision to enter in the realm of focus stacking of water mites.

As there was no Velmex Unislide A25 with 40 turn per inch on ebay when I was looking for a slide to control my camera, I bought this Del-tron 101 and I was very disappointed to see that it was so tiny. The device is smaller than a Manfrotto rapid release device and I think I won’t be able to adapt my Manfrotto rapid release to this slide and even if I was able to adapt it I doubt it would be usable. It’s very tiny, well made and beautiful but will I be able to use it ?

However, I may be able to adapt it to move a focusing stage. The travel of the stage is 0.50 inch (12.7mm) and the accuracy 0.005 inch (0.0127mm or 12.7 µm) which is better than necessary for using with my Leica C Plan objective.

The vernier movement bear many graduations. 25 graduations to move the slide of 1/4 of 0.1 inch. So each graduation give a movement of 2.54mm/4/25=0.0254mm or 25.4µm. The 12.7µm is reach every 1/2 graduation of the vernier.

The device comes with 4 screw on one side. These screw seems to be there to adjust the stiffness of the movement of the moving stage.

The upper and lowed stage are drilled with many threaded holes. Unfortunately theses holes are in imperial measures and it’s impossible to find a screw of 1/16° of inch (I’ve tried even my glasses shop to find these screw). I’ve given up and bought an other device on ebay. I hope I will be more fortunate.

My next step for building my macro rig was to purchase this  OptoSigma linear stage.



  • Del-Tron : the product specification of Del-Tron 101-X.

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