Arrenurus Securiformis (Piersig 1894) – male – identification certain

Arrenurus Securiformis male dorsal view

Pictures and description of an Arrenurus Securiformis male found in Saint Martin Au Laërt the 2 June 2011. Length about 1.1mm.

Written Arrhenurus (in the old manner) in Soar & Williamson.

Element used for the identification.

Following Soar et Williamson vol 3 page 141


  • Length up to 1.2mm.
  • Outline body like Arrenurus Caudatus.
  • Fine granular appearance of the skin.
  • Colour of posterior end of body blue and anterior of cauda blue, gradually shading off into a yellowish green.
  • Distal end of the cauda a paler blue.
  • Within the dorsal groove a pale yellow area with brown or reddish patches surrounding it.
  • Palpi, epimera and leg blue.


  • AAAA (work in progress)


This water mite is already known in Pas de Calais and the other name indicated by Smit & Gerecke is Arrenurus (Megaluracarus) securiformis. Under this name, is seems that this specie was not found by Barrois & Moniez.


  • Soar, C. & Williamson, W  (1928): The British hydracarina. Ray Society. Volume III. Page 141. Plates 46 – 53 – 54.
  • Smit, H. & Gerecke, R. (2010): A cheklist of the water mites of France (acari: hydrachnidia). Acarologia 50(1): 21-91.


Other pictures.

Arrenurus Securiformis cauda from the top


Arrenurus Securiformis ventral view

Arrenurus Securiformis front view

Arrenurus Securiformis 2 first coxae plates






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