Arrenurus female from Sri Lanka

fig 10 arrenurus female dorsal

Here is a water mite of 0.7mm found in a lake near Load Star Training center in Sri Lanka.

Some elements of description of this water mite.

  • Global shape globular.
  • Outline almost round.
  • Colour greenish / yellowish.
  • Dorsal furrow well designed.
  • First coxae forming two frontal spikes (fig 20)
  • Palpi short with a claw


Among the numerous plates of Arrenurus shown in Cook (1967) I’m unable to find one which match my water mite. The general shape of the body, the dorsal furrow and the shape of the palpi indicate an Arrenurus female but I can’t go deeper in my identification process.


  • Cook, D. (1967): Water mites from India.  Memoirs of the American entomological institute. Number 9.

More pictures of this water mite.

fig 20 ventral

fig 30 frontal

fig 40 palpi

fig 50 eyes and palpi

fig 70 dorsal furrow posterior


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