Water mite unknown

general view

The pictures of this red hydracarina of 0.7mm length catch the 2 of  june 2011 in Saint Martin au Laërt are not good and it may be rather difficult to identify it. The 4 red eyes and the general shape remind me a member of the Genus Limnesia.

Particularity of this specimen.

  • 4 red eyes.
  • Length 0.7mm
  • First pair of epimera very far away the second pair.
  • Second pair of epimera rather small and placed near the border of the body.
  • Genital area very difficult to identify on my pictures but placed almost at the center of the body.

Idea of identification.

  • Limnesia connata. Soar & Williamson vol 2 page 18 + plate 27. The length of 0.6mm given by S&W is very near to the 0.7mm measured on this specimen. The fact that the first pair of epimera are not fused at all eliminate the idea of Limnesia.
  • The key of Hopkins for the Flatford area doesn’t give any specimen which ressemble to this one.
  • Hydryphantes ruber. Soar & Willimamson vol 1 plate 7. Some similarity at the level of the shape of the 2 first coxae.

Other pictures.

ventral view

Focus on the first pair of epimera

frontal view


second general view


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